Prof. Dr. Irin Dewan

Message from the General Secretary

It’s a matter of pride for me to be elected as the General Secretary of the Ex. Pharmacy Students Association (EPSA). I would like to extend my heartfelt and warm greetings to a dynamic group of people for their passion and dedication collaborated together in helping to create an umbrella that reflects the mission and vision of the Ex. Pharmacy Students Association. This was a long overdue task accomplished after about 7 years of inception of the people originated from the ex- students of University of Asia Pacific, graduated in Pharmacy. They are able to establish a platform for social inclusion and breaking our isolation, a step towards civic engagement.

After being taking the responsibilities, the present Executive Council has been playing an important role in generating funds for the community, improving relationships with each other, preparing for the upcoming heritage festival, preparing new website designs, and taking initiative for different charitable program which will enrich our association.

I pledge for your continuous support to ensure a responsible and vibrant EPSA to overcome all the difficulties we would face. I commit my all time and effort to represent our community and upheld its dignity in all situations.


Thank you all.