Muhammad Mahbubul Haq

Message from the President

It is my honor and privilege to address my dear members of the Ex. Pharmacy Students Association (EPSA) through our official website. At this opportunity I should thank all the members of EPSA for giving such wonderful support and electing me as the President of Ex. Pharmacy Students Association (EPSA). EPSA serves to provide a common platform for the ex-students who have completed their Bachelor of pharmacy from University of Asia Pacific. We believe in “malice to none, but charity for all”.  Under the banner of the EPSA, we, the members should act together to achieve our goals and fulfill our responsibilities.

This site will provide the necessary information regarding EPSA. From anywhere of the world people would be able to communicate with EPSA through this site. This site will help everybody to obtain the updated information. There will be information of different activities of all the sections of EPSA. I hope that this website will fulfill the requirement of EPSA in communicating all over the world.


Finally, I appreciate the member’s heartfelt participation and contribution which has made our community more lively and strong.


With thanks and best regards.